Skate Flash Club.

2008-01-27 19:26:21 by The-SFC

-=Welcome to the Skate Flash Club!=-
Here you can check our updates on what is going on with all of us.

If you care to join us, we are located at the BBS of newgrounds, right here.
----------------THE CREW-------------------
Jestar, the leader of this cult of ours, always cute in every picture, no exceptions.
Night-mare, a teenager who always likes to fuse different techniques into his animation and skateboarding styles.
Morrowdays, a animator who is amazing at every aspect of experimental animation.
Cronic-22, the creator of the Ultimate Skate Video Series and the founder of the Yeah Right! collaboration.
TommYVF, great animator who really wishes he didn't capitalize that Y.
MarcyVF, the creator of the well known SkaterV2 series.
Mraw, a funny man who will always animates to his best ability. Mraw's ability level: IT'S OVER 9000!
G-force, a friend of Morrowdays' whos learning to animate and being awesome as he does.
Yeahmix, a new recruite who joined Marcy's One Layer Collab and won't take it out of his sig. He bribed us a bunch of e-muffins, which was quite nice.
G-F-D, a really cool animator who lives in Qatar, has an Uploader, and loves ice-creams. <3
and NintendoMadness, a new recruit who is thankful that we finally put him up on the list.
and LASTLY, McJesus, who we found on sale at McDonalds for like, a dollar.
I hope I didn't miss anybody..

At the SFC we like to make collaborations, talk, post stupid pictures, and just hang out, so if you're interested in any of those things, then you should give us a look.

Morrowdays organized a snowboarding collaboration in the SFC thread that's still open, check out his menu/preview!
Marcy completed the One Layer Collab that got frontpage and daily 3rd.
Tommy organized a collaboration called The Smoking Kills Collab, which is about smoking, check the thread, and it's almost complete!
Cronic has started a collab called Yeah Right 2, which is half way through and still needs more people to join, so if you are interested, JOIN NOW! :D
Night-Mare is organising a couple of his friends who animate to contibute to his music video, to the tune of This Modern Love by Bloc Party.

Well, that's about it, so if you are interested at all, come on down and join our club!

-The SFC


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2008-01-27 19:28:24

That took a while to write. >.<

The-SFC responds:

I agree!


2008-01-27 19:30:56


The-SFC responds:



2008-01-29 08:07:42

lol, now you see why I never update it ^_^ nice work lochie

The-SFC responds:



2008-02-03 07:25:44


The-SFC responds:

drizzle off the HIZZLE!


2008-02-16 12:46:33


The-SFC responds:


I think I just finished your sentence.


2008-02-26 15:26:01

can i join the skate flash club or i need to be talented?

The-SFC responds:

its best if you're talented.


2008-03-02 06:48:27

Am I in the group yet? :C

The-SFC responds:



2008-03-09 07:08:44

gay, i really need to finish my flash part, ill hop to it


2008-04-06 12:20:27

Ya l am in the club now